Concerts : Balises + Trio Malmendier/Stokart/Tantanozi

20:00 - 22:00
Boom Café
Xavier Charles (F) : clarinet
Eric Normand (CAN) : bass
Tom Malmendier (B) : snare drum
Quentin Stokart (B) : guitar
Marina Tantanozi (GR/CH) : flute
Balises is the meeting, offshore, of two musicians who have taken the stand of improvisation: the French Xavier Charles, clarinetist with a thousand sound researches, sounding partner of the greatest improvisers, and Éric Normand, jazz punk bassist from the Quebec and noise agitator. The result is music that aims to be free, peaceful, permissive, all mixed up and gratifying. Music that has nothing to prove.
Greek flutist Marina Tantanozi and Belgium percussionist Tom Malmendier know each other for many years, but only played a few times together, always in addition to other musicians.
A few months ago they decided to organise a tour together in duo, in which they’ll play every night with a third musician.
They will do five shows, between Switzerland and Belgium, and play with four guests, and play the very last show, finally, in duo!
For the Brussel’s concert, they will meet guitar player and local’s finest Quentin Stokart, with whom Tom plays quite a lot, in different combination. For Marina and him, it will be the very first meeting!
Bar will be open from end of afternoon, come early and take the best seats!
Concerts will start at 20:30 sharp (and finish around 22h)
Good drinks
Nice people
Lovely evening
Tags: Acoustique
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